Wednesday, December 2, 2009


x. Height: 5'2"ish
x. Hair colour: brown
x. Eye colour: hazel brown/green
x. Piercings: one in each ear
x. Tattoos: NoneRight Now:
x. What are you wearing?: black yoga pants and hot pink long sleeve t
x. What taste is in your mouth?: tea
x. What's the weather like?: chilly
x. How are you?: a little stressed but overall happy
x. Get motion sickness?: not so much.
x. Have a bad habit?: I'm way too hard on myself!
x. Get along with your parents?: absolutely.
x. Like to drive?: actually, I love driving!
x. Boyfriend or Girlfriend?: boyfriend :)
x. Sexuality?: straight
x. Children?: later on in life ...
x. Been hurt?: Oh yes.
x. Your greatest regret?: i don't regret
x. Your CD player has in it right now?: Michael Buble- Crazy love
x. If you were a crayon: sunshine yellow!
x. What makes you happy?:great conversation
x. Whats your pet peeve: ignorant, judgmental people, stupidity, selfishness
x. What's the next CD you're going to get?: the new Roger CD

x. Been in love?: yes
x. Gone skinny dipping?: yes
x. Had surgery?: no
x. Swam in the dark?: Yes.
x. Been to a Bonfire?: yes.
x. Been on stage?: Yes.
x. Slept outdoors?: Yes.
x. Pulled an all nighter?: too many times!
x. Made out with a stranger?: ha ha ha....yes
x. Been on radio/tv?: yes.
x. Gotten lost in the woods?: yes
x. Been in an Undertow?: no
x. Smoked a Cigar?: yes.

x. Wallet: its black!
x.Coffee: YUMMY!
x. Shoes: i love high-heeled boots. and pretty heels. and flip flops.
x. Cologne/Perfume: Stella by Stella McCartney

x. Cried: no
x. Bought something: yes.
x. Been kissed: um in the past 24 hrs no but 48 yes...
x. Talked to an ex: nope
x. Talked to someone you have a crush on: yes
x. Had a serious talk: yes
x. Hugged someone:yes

x. Boyfriend/girlfriend: yes
x. Would you rather be with friends or on a date?: both actually but not at the same time!
x. Like being around people?: i love it ... well, if i like them.

x. Thing you ate: mochi ice cream
x. Thing you drank: tea
x. Place you went: to CVS
x. Person you hugged: Bryan
x. Person you talked to: My dad
x. Person you IMed: Bryan
x. Song you heard: Michael Bubles' Haven't Met you yet

x. Current Mood?: i'm doing pretty good.
x. Current Hair?: long and straight.
x. Current DVD In Player?: Felicity season 1
x. Are you artistic?: i'd say "creative"
x. Are you athletic?: kinda...
x. Are you a brat?: me? never.
x. Do you like spiders?: no
x. If you could be anywhere, where would you be?: on a boat with those I love.

Seven things in your room:
1. Bed.
2. Dresser
3. Ihome
4. jewelry
5. lamp
6. bedside table
7. shoes

Seven things to do before death:
1. run a half marathon
2. fall truly in love with an amazing person that I should be in love with
3. get married.
4. wake up every morning with a smile on my face
5. see Africa and Austrailia
6. live abroad.
7. get on the kiss cam on one of those big screen tvs at a sporting event.

Seven things that attract you to the sex of your choosing:
1. the way I feel when they hug me (if it is the right person!)
2. how I am treated by them
3. their eyes
4. eye contact, you know the kind that makes you want to keep staring
5. ability to hold great conversation
6. laughter
7. intelligence.

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