Monday, February 3, 2014

What happened to January?

2014 seems to be flying by so incredibly quickly!

January went by so fast!

So here is a quick run down of the first month of the year- and then I will work backwards for updates on all of our trips!

We spent new years in Dallas with my in-laws. After traveling so much during Christmas it was lovely to have a few days relaxing by the fire, playing games, eating pizza and just enjoying time with family. I feel so incredibly fortunate that I have in laws that I love being around. I know this isn't always the case - but truly, they have been such a blessing! We got to see all of B's grand parents (both of his father's parents are still with us and his mother's dad is still with us as well. He lost his mother's mother while in college.) His grandmother was very ill over new years and had to go to the hospital with Pneumonia- thank goodness she is doing SO MUCH better!  We also got to visit with his great grandmother (his mother's grandmother). As always she was lovely and so fun. I still remember when we told her we were engaged and she said "honey I'm not sure you want to join this family we are all crazy, I should know, I am the oldest!" 

The weekend of the 25th we went back to Dallas  to celebrate my little brother's 28th birthday. I cannot believe he is 28! We spent it at: Medieval Times

It was fun and ridiculous - and obviously the 2nd time around we had enjoyed quite a few beverages! (The first picture I think I was about 11 and he was about we are 31 and 28)  After that we went out- as the Medieval Times was really more of a joke - although 25 people showed up and it was a lot of fun - thank goodness they sat all the obnoxious adults in one area to not ruin the fun for the children.

Lastly - we went to a Super Bowl party last night - and the party was great. The game was boring.

Hopefully I will be so much better this month!  

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