Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Green Juice/ Green Smoothies

This past weekend B and I used some of our William Sonoma gift cards for a new Vita-mix.  I have a love obsession with this tool. (Don't call it a blender otherwise I will tell you all of the things that it does!)

So- I have wanted a Vitamix for over 2 years. If you google them - you will know why I never bought one before now - the price. This kitchen tool is EASILY the most expensive one item I have in my kitchen (and I have a Kitchen-Aid and All Clad pots and pans- of which I adore and think they were 1000000% worth their prices!)

So for 2 years B had to endure watching QVC Vitamix shows (so much so that he actually put a parental lock on anything "Vitamix" on our cable box), he saw me always go to them at Williams Sonoma, and he saw me pet them in Costco/Sams.  So yes- I have been wanting one badly.

We were in the Hill Country this weekend for a Valentine's Day getaway - which was amazing, and wonderful to just get away from it all (post up next!) and we went to the outlets on our way home. As we were leaving the Williams Sonoma outlet - B saw a Vitamix box - and I went into absolute panic- "did that lady get the last one" "where is that" "where did she find it" AHHHH- and B found them.

So now on my kitchen counter I am the proud owner of a Vitamix.

We bought it yesterday and so far I have made 3 things - tomato basil soup, salsa and a green juice this morning. I will get my "cost per use down quickly!!"
So now I need help- does anyone have green juice recipes, soup recipes or anything to make with this? I want to incorporate more veggies and fruits into my diet!


Dawn said...

Welcome to the cult, uh, I mean family! I am headed to work shortly but will send you some favorites later this week. Enjoy!

WorthyStyle said...

This is the only 'big' wedding gift we did not get. I asked for it for Christmas but we were given a gorgeous Le Creuset instead. Now I need to prioritize that Vitamix again! I make a smoothie everyday, so I wish I had something so efficient.