Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cuba part 2

For a few days we just stayed at the resort enjoying the beach. I think my grandfather wasn't sure about truly going to visit where he came from, so we relaxed and enjoyed the most beautiful beach. I would say it is right up there with Thailand and Greece. (And so much closer to home, if only we could visit more often!)

So here are a few pictures from the days just hanging out at the resort.

B, Me, Abuelo and my Brother 

B, Me and my cousin CR 

Family dinner - for my birthday - I turned 31 in Cuba!

 My brother and I
As an American visiting family in Cuba for the very first time - we didn't really know what to look for - we just wanted to make sure if it all sucked - at least we enjoyed the beach.
Little did we know - we truly LOVED everything.
What isn't to love about seeing your family's homes for the first time, or the churches they built (yes a Cathedral and a Church!) and all of the stories that go with it - or cousins that my grandfather hadn't seen in 50 years? It was amazing.
There are so many more stories and pictures to come

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