Tuesday, August 6, 2013


So B and I are about to embark on a very large painting task. We are going to paint the entire bottom floor of our townhouse.

This includes- the kitchen, breakfast room, entryway, living room, master bath, master bedroom, closet and up the stairs.

The big issue is - all of those areas, except our kitchen, closet and bathroom - have 2 story walls and ceilings.

So this will be a very long project.  The project also includes repainting all doors, floorboards and putting up board and batten in the breakfast area. Right night everything is white. Well kind of white. White that has yellowed over time.

So....we have our final color for our main living areas. The kitchen, entry, breakfast room and living room are all somewhat connected - so they need to be the same color.

The color for those rooms is this:
It is a brown/grey color. We have natural stone on our fireplace and travertine tile floors - so I believe this color works perfectly.

The big question I have is - WHAT color WHITE should we use? I want a BRIGHT white for the baseboards, windowsills and doors. There are just so many options.  Any ideas?

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