Wednesday, August 21, 2013


B and I are in the midst of painting and redoing our living room (ok our entire downstairs, but one project at time.)

So in the midst of redoing our living room - I want to start furnishing it better.

We currently have a black leather chair and black leather couch (these are from our pre-us days) and we haven't gotten around to getting something nicer. We also have a glass top coffee table and end table.

We were gifted a pottery barn rug (pictured below) from our registry and I want to build the remaining living room around it.
Now B wants a leather couch - the thought being once we have children it can go into a game room and/or not be ruined if something spilled on it. I am ok with that - but I don't want black leather (it screams Bachelor pad to me). 

So currently - I am in the market to find new living room furniture that isn't too crazy expensive!

Any ideas of places to look for couches and other living room furniture?

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