Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

I was thinking about my life and where I have come from. I was thinking about all of the twists and turns, heart aches, heartbreaks, love, loss and all of the things in between. I think all of those things shape who you are. It shapes how open you are to meeting new people and trying new things.

I was reading my blog back from 2009 to see how much has changed since then.
I am so glad that May of 2009 happened when it happened and how it happened. I am so glad that nasty breakup happened.
I am glad that it took me a while to be ok because when I was ok - I was out and about and partying like crazy.

I was able to open my life up. The day in October of 2009 when B Facebook "IM"ed me to catch up was the day that changed my entire life.  He and I used to talk ALL of the time in college and post college. He was one of the people that KNEW me. Then we went our separate ways into really long term relationships. We lost touch and each others numbers. That fateful day in October of 2009 he asked me if I was still in Houston. I was. He wanted to meet up sometime and catch up on life. I, being the spontaneous person that I can be said "I don't have anything after work today, do you?"
I really didn't have plans and the thought of just going to the gym and back home alone sounded crappy- It was a Thursday night. So we met up.
We weren't meeting up to start dating - it just happened. We were meeting up because we truly were great friends who wanted to catch up with each other. I never would have guessed that we would be spending the next 2 weeks together non stop.

He had to go out of town for work, and even in the middle of nowhere in Big Bend Park - he found cell coverage to talk to me.  Ever since then, our conversation has not stopped.

You see, what I learned was - when someone wants to be with you, they make it happen. They will go to the only point in a national park to call you so that you know they thought of you.

I am grateful that I was open and ready to meet someone - and actually - I was even more grateful that I didn't meet a NEW person - but that I reconnected with someone that I already knew so well.

I am grateful for this blog - to see how much I have changed - and to know my thoughts and where I was coming from.

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