Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy ME

As I turn to a new chapter in my life and enter into my is what I have to say about my 20s:

So as I sit back and look at who I was when I turned 20 to who I am now - I am 60% a different person.
I say 60% because I think I have always been a kind, compassionate person.
I don't think I always stood up for myself - I learned my self worth and value in my 20s. I learned it is ok to not smile through everything, and I learned not to always have a wall up.
When I was 20 years old- the same women that are in my bridal party were in my life. I was blessed.
When I was 20 - I backpacked through Europe ALONE.

I've moved, made new friends, lost some friends, watched friends get married, watched friends have babies.

I've traveled, seen more of the world, met all kinds of people.

I've become me.

As I enter into my 30s - I will become a wife (May of 2013!) and hopefully, god willing, in my 30s, I will become a mother as well.

I look at this next chapter with so much joy.

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Merry Wife said...

Happy birthday, and best wishes for an exciting and joyful 2013!