Friday, November 30, 2012

in Thanksgiving

My brother lives in the same city as B's family. So this year for Thanksgiving, my family went to that city and we did Thanksgiving 3 times!

Thursday we went to a Latin Fusion restaurant with my parents, my grandfather, my brother and B's parents.  After eating we went to B's parents house and watched more football than ever before. Fun was had by everyone.

Friday, we went to a Pizza place with the same people as above but also including B's Dad's parents and B's dad's uncle. (B and B's dad are both only children.) Unfortunately, you can't see B's grandmother's face in the picture - but she is so lovely!

(Left side of the table front to back - my brother, B's grandfather, B's mom, B, my dad.
Right side of the table front to back- my grandfather, B's great uncle, B's dad, me, B's grandmother, my mom.)

Lastly - on Saturday we went to a Mexican restaurant with my family, B's parents and B's mom's side of the family. Everyone drank and ate way too much - but it was wonderful.

I feel truly blessed that the blending of our family has happened so easily. With B being an only child, my brother is our only sibling and I couldn't be more blessed to have him and B get along so well.  We are so blessed to have our amazing family!

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