Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Wrapup


B and I worked on his house this weekend. His fireplace was a GOLD BRASS. IT WAS UGLY. (See Above)

Via Pinterest, I saw someone transform their ugly one into a pretty matte black one. So we took it off the fireplace and taped it up outside (so as not to get paint on the windows) and used a high heat spray paint (meant for grills) and painted it. I LOVE IT. (see below)

Another reason why I love Pinterest!

We watched the longhorns lose (!) and the Cowboys lose (!) and the RANGERS WIN! :)

We went out with some friends to a bar where you can bring your dogs and it was nice to just get out...and Roxy - she was FILTHY at the end of the night - a sign she had a great time in the bark park.

All in all - great weekend. We spend most of Sunday at Lowes, Home Depot and Target - we are fixing up B's house slowly - he needs new blinds, paint on the walls - and as you see above a nicer fireplace. Slowly but surely.

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