Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 years

On Saturday it will be 2 "official" years with B. I can hardly believe it. Time has flown. Granted we have known each other almost 10 years...but 2 of them were of US. Our life, our love.

As far as gifts go - I got him this cooler he has been wanting. I know it sounds lame - but when he has talked about it for almost 2 years, I decided to get it. We will use it all of the time and our ice won't melt.
He got me beautiful roses. Then asked me what I would be wearing for dinner that night. I stated that I was thinking just one of my simple dresses. He then surprised me with beautiful Akoya Pearl stud earrings. Months ago he and I were talking and over dinner I had said that I was looking for real pearls to replace the fake ones that I wore often. I remember the conversation, but I just couldn't "pull the trigger" on getting myself such an expensive find. I was shocked 1) that he remembered and 2) that he would go out and find such a wonderful pair - not too big not too small - just exactly right.

We went to a place I have been wanting to try - it was delicious. Then we went to Tasting Room - as we always do at any big occasion. It was wonderful. I feel so blessed and so loved. We talked about how crazy it is to be where we are. How lucky we are and truly how amazing our love is.

Truly every single day I wake up thinking that I am so incredibly blessed to have the life I have.

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Lori said...

How wonderful, happy two years together!