Tuesday, June 1, 2010

M and H's wedding weekend

So B and I headed out of town this weekend to go to a wedding reception of one of his close friends. It was beautiful, their family and friends were so incredibly nice that I truly felt at ease- up until his ex gf showed up. Granted we knew she was coming but truly I was nauseous just thinking about it. I just didn't want drama, didn't want to be upset about anything and didn't want to deal with bs. She played nice I suppose, but totally left me out of all conversation and every time I left B's side she swooped in. In fact we were staying at a bed and breakfast and she WAS AT THE SAME ONE! Blech! First thing she said to the two of us- " We share a wall tonight so please try to be quiet." I could have died. I felt like I was in another universe.
Dinner time- he sat between us. I mean we sat down and she sat next to him. Seriously!

It is what it is but I'm just glad our normal life can resume and we can love each other and hold on tight to one another- but I didn't play it cool- I was not the nicest person to him- I drank too much and I'm sure I said a few things I wish I could take back- I was upset and yet I was not going to play the "he's my boyfriend" game. They talked- I was awkward and not included- it happens. Not often but it happens.

but in the end- this is what matters- the reception was wonderful, the bride and groom were lovely and B and I - we are fine. In fact more than fine- he makes everyday a better day by being in it- I'm just glad we don't have to run into her that often!

And we spent Monday hanging out the beach. I had a wonderful time with B. We spent Saturday going to a farmers market, a winery and seeing the small town the Bride was from. It was fun. Actually the whole weekend was a blast - just a few little crap moments here and there - and I won't let her ruin a weekend.

Plus...seeing him and how he handles things - I just always feel so lucky. I have no idea what I did to deserve such a wonderful person, but I can say that I am with someone that is as nice to me as I am to him and it is just lovely. 100% lovely.

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