Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good company

B was out of town for the past 8 days and to say I missed him would be an understatement. I think since I take care of Roxy when he's gone it makes me miss him more - she is so sweet and loving!

So he got home yesterday and went to see his his dad's great aunt and one of her kids...what would that make them to him? (great great aunt and 3rd cousin?...not quite sure!)


After they went to dinner I met up with B and his dad at our wine bar. It was great to see his dad and catch up and it was wonderful to see B again. We shared wine and cheese and chatted up with his dad. His dad left halfway through and then B and I caught up.

I didn't realize how touch is such a powerful love language. I missed his hugs, kisses and I missed how he always seems to hold my hand, put his arm around me etc. It was lovely. Impromtu date nights always are lovely.

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