Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo fun

While this blog is mostly for fun and for my 101 in 1001 list - I slowly see that it has also become a way for me to remember my life. It is fun to look back and see and remember good times (and bad!).

Cinco de Mayo was so much fun last night - mostly because of B. (of course)

The day started off kinda scary actually! I was at his place because I had 2 meetings by his house yesterday. So as I was blow drying my hair Roxy started I turned off the blowdryer and told her to hush. Then I heard the front gate slam closed. I thought to myself "thats weird" but figured someone was leaving a flyer at the door or something. Then I started blowdrying my hair again. Rox then went crazy. So I turned off the blowdryer and heard the next door neighbors house alarm going off. Then I heard someone yell "oh shit" and THEN the scary part- they went running on the roof of B's place to escape! So I have a very overactive imagination- so I called B and he told me to call the cops (why I called him first I don't know) but anyway it took the cops 34 minutes to arrive...I'm glad no one got in!

Needless to say it was a crazy morning.

I met B and one of his co-workers for lunch and I was still hair didn't get done and I went makeupless...thank god I have good skin! ;)

Then I went to my meeting and met B back up at his place after work. He hugged me and we chatted and we watched the rest of the Lovely Bones (scary but great book!) It was fun. I wasn't feeling particularly in the mood to put makeup on and get all fancied up so I said "does my face need any make up?" and he said "your face is always beautiful" or something like have to know that B isn't really a word kinda person so I think whenever I hear him say things like that it makes my heart melt. is that easy to make my day.

Then we met up with friends for Mexican food and too many margaritas.

B and I got there early so we enjoyed a margarita on the patio and just chatted (about lovely things like the new law in Arizona...always a great drinking topic ha!) and truly I just feel so fabulous when we are together. We drank and ate dinner with his friends (I mean I guess they are my friends too but they were his friends first) ;) Overall a fantastic night...
I so wish he wasn't out of town now...I'll start missing him in a few days! ;)

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