Tuesday, October 29, 2013

4 Amazing incredible years

Today marks 4 years of B and I being together.

I know our anniversary has changed now that we are married. October 29 is no longer the date to "celebrate" as May 11 has taken that spot. But 4 years is incredible to me.

Incredible for so many things - because 4 years ago - I was not a wife, I was just becoming a girlfriend. I was in many ways finding myself and figuring out life - afterall this is what my entire blog is about right?

Figuring out this long road called life - trying to live and love life one day at a time.

I named my blog that so many years ago (February of 2008- wow I have been blogging on this blog for over 5 years...where did the time go?!)

The thing is - I still don't know about this life - I am STILL trying to live and love life one day at a time - but now - I am not doing it alone. I haven't done this alone in 4 years. B and I are figuring out this long road called life - TOGETHER and we are living and loving life one day at at time TOGETHER.

4 years is a big one for the two of us - we now are in our longest relationships ever. Both of us came with baggage- both of us had "previous lives" and previous relationships that lasted over 3 years...but never 4.

So here we are - jumping into something new - and yet - we already made the leap we are husband and wife - and all of this is new - and yet- he and I - we aren't new - we are just us on this journey together.

This journey that has been the largest blessing in my life (and his I am sure) than I ever thought possible. I cannot believe how much life can change in 4 years.

B- Thank you for the last 4 years. You are my heart, my love and truly the greatest person I've ever known. I am in awe of our life together - I am so blessed to be on this journey in life with you.

2013 has been the best year of my life so far - but I know it is just getting started.

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