Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I have never done a wedding wednesday I figured since I am in the midst of planning mine - I can!

There are approximately 280 days until our Wedding day.

So far I have the following contracts signed:

Venue - ceremony and reception. The venue does their own catering, we do a tasting sometime around January. 

Photography- Emily is amazing and I cannot wait to work with her (also she is Cuban! so am I!)

Wedding Coordinator - booked! I love her! She has been so incredibly helpful.

Cake - I have my cake lady picked out, she has awesome cake - now I need a design I like.

Hair and makeup - I have sent in the signed contract and I am awaiting to hear back.

DJ - I am in the midst of contract review, but probably by the end of the week they will be booked.

So far so good!

On to flowers, dress, and decor...


Stephen said...

Could I suggest one more thing: practice "the kiss". There'll be a lot of people there, and you have. to. nail. it!

Holly said...

Exciting! I bet 280 days will go ridiculously quickly!

Worthington said...

I cannot believe mine is in 54 days. SO CRAZY! You have accomplished a lot.