Friday, June 1, 2012

I just knew

Things on the wedding planning front are in full swing. We decided on a date and a venue. I am so excited! I am just waiting for the venue to call me back so that we can SAVE THE DATE.

Truly- I look at my life in awe and with such thankfulness. I am so incredibly thankful to be RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Growing up I never thought about my wedding (I wasn't one of those girls who planned out her wedding when I was young) but I did think about who I would marry. My parents are best friends, lovers, confidants and know that no one else in the world wants more for each of them than they do. I loved growing up as one of their children in a house full of love.  A house full of laughter and a house where my parents showed me what a real partnership is. I just always wondered if I could replicate that in my own life.

You see, for my parents very first date my dad drove from Birmingham, AL to Miami, FL to take my mom out. He asked her out in Birmingham (where she was for college and where he was working) and she dismissed him and said "if you really want to go out on date, I am going home for a few weeks, here is my address in Miami"  - MY DAD DROVE TO MIAMI TO TAKE HER OUT.

I grew up hearing that message - to let someone chase you, don't do the chasing. My dad always said, when the right one comes into your life, they will never want to let you go.

I get it now. For almost 10 years B has been in my life. At 21 he asked me on our first date. We went out and I had a lovely time. I just didn't have that "click" with him. So for years we hung out ALL of the time - going out for drinks, playing poker, getting coffee and having long LONG talks. I moved away from Austin and we lost touch for a while. Then we started hanging out again - I would go into Austin and we would have fun going through the hill country, talking, getting coffee and having fun together. He didn't want long distance and so we went our separate ways. Then 2.5 years after that (and both going through long term relationships that weren't right for us) we reconnected and for me, I just knew. I knew he was my partner for life. I knew God had a bigger plan for us than I knew when I was 21.

I can't believe in less than a year, we will be married. I am truly blessed and more thankful than I could ever imagine.


katmcd said...

yay love. I'm glad the wedding planning is going well!

Worthington said...

Congrats on finding a venue! The funnest part of wedding planning is about to begin! I love this part of it all

Suburban Princess said...

I found the venue and date the hardest thing to get sorted it's all fairly easy from here on in!

I can't remember if I mentioned it before...when you have your colours decided I can do your custom, personalized ribbon to go with them

Holly said...

Yay for wedding planning! What a cute story about your parents! :)