Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Five Favorites

Things that are my favorites today:

1. SUNSCREEN SPRAY - I live in Texas...I am pale. Hence - this is needed:

2. Lands End tank tops. They are stretchy, cheap and I live in the in the summer. THESE I DO wear to work - usually under a blazer or a cardigan - I live in Texas - if it is blazing hot is generally 65 inside - a sweater is needed.

3. Restoration Hardware "No crack super hand cream" in lemongrass - my hands are always dry. This stuff IS AMAZING.

4. Looking at my ring. I just love looking at it. I love what it represents, what it promises and what it means for our future together - yep I'm a sap. I'm ok with it.

5.  My Dr. Jart BB Cream - this stuff, especially in the summer - does it all for my face - I dont wear it daily (I am blessed with easy skin, but when I need some coverage, it is great!)

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