Friday, May 25, 2012

Traveling...but not me....not yet anyway

B travels for work - not all of the time, just some of the time but usually a lot at the same time. I know that sentence makes no sense!

Basically when it is great to be outside - he is traveling. He is a geologist. He likes rocks...I like rocks too...

His kind:

My kind:

Technically I like gems and minerals...but you get the drift.

Anyway - he has been traveling.... A LOT lately - as in for the first 25 days of May - I saw him for exactly 30 minutes one day (his flight came in and my flight was leaving, so we met for coffee half way between the airport)  and 12 hours another (my flight returned and he left the next day) - for 25 days I saw him for 12.5 hours.

This weekend we will be together camping. I cannot wait to be by the lake, soaking in some sun, reading, eating and drinking....but most of all I cannot wait to see him.


Stephen said...

Hope it's a great weekend - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog in Kelly's Corner.I'm too a Texas Girl! From Wichita Falls. Nice to meet you! Great work! :)

Holly said...

I hope you have a great weekend! :)

Dawn said...

A geologist, how cool! All three of my boys are very interested in rocks. I share your interest in jewelry :)

Enjoy your time together!