Saturday, August 6, 2011


Eight FEARS:

1. That I won't truly leave this world better than it was when I came into it.

2.  That something will happen to my loved ones. I know people pass away, but I just hope everyone I love (and everyone in general) doesn't suffer. I read the news, I see the stories and they just make me so sad.

3. That I won't grow old and enjoy every moment.

4. Roaches

5. Spiders

6.  That I will not be able to have children. This unfortunately is a very legitimate fear and not one I take lightly.

7. Something happens to Roxy. Life with her and B, we are our own little family. I just cannot imagine life without her. Yes, I know she is a dog, but - she is my dog, she is his dog, she is our dog and a huge part of our life.

8. That somehow I will get it all wrong. I see people get married, have children, look happy and then boom - it all crashes down he (or she) cheats and the whole world they knew implodes. I think people say "oh I love him oh he loves me, that won't happen to us" except I think everyone says that and yet it happens more and more and I wonder - where did they get it all wrong. How did they get there...mostly because I never want to be there in that place with my world imploding.

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