Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Favorites

The Ocean. I love the Ocean - granted we live somewhat close to Galveston and I love may not be the most glamourous beach, but it is close. I love the ocean. I love being in the water.

The best beach areas I have been to are:
South Beach in Miami, FL - fun, entertaining and pretty people everywhere ;)
Paros, Greece - I mean it is Greece afterall..
We island hopped in Hawaii when we went on a family vacation - super fun!
Ios, Greece - a party fun fun.
The US Virgin Islands - so pretty!
Ixtapa, Mexico - relaxing and overall a great family fun place
Nice, France (and Monaco) - great Yachts, and picturesque landscapes

But my favorite of all time so far is:
Santorini, Greece (pretty neat as they are red sand or black sand beaches!)
 Greece has amazing beaches, relaxed people and overall I loved it - granted I wished I didn't experience it alone at the time - but now I still find myself amazed that I did it - all by myself!
The picture is a sunset I took in Santorini. Love.

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