Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love and Valentines Day

Falling in love. I feel that I am falling in love right now.
I've been in love one time in my life. I was 18 and it was a beautiful friendship, love and more. We grew together, cared so much about one another and truly I was heartbroken when I knew it wasn't forever. I've only ever been heartbroken once as well. Falling in love and being heartbroken all with one person. At 27 one would think this has happened more to me, but I am cautious who I have given my heart to. I've loved many but I've only ever been in love once. To this day I still believe he is one of the most amazing and wonderful men I have ever known. I am so blessed that we are friends. I think to be in love it takes time, patience, and truly learning about the other person. Knowing just by voice inflections how their day was, what is going on and truly knowing the other person so well that you can "read them the words to their life when they have forgotten them". Still, whenever I talk to him, I know him. I like that. People change- their likes, dislikes etc...but the true core of someone stays the same.
I feel that so many people "fall in love" all of the time and truly it is more of a lust than a love. These days people say "I love you" so carelessly. I believe one loves someone way before they ever are in love with them. I forgot this feeling. I forgot how I was at 18 when I was falling in love. It is an amazing feeling. Everything clicks and all is right in the world. I know I am nowhere near "in love" but the falling in love is wonderful. Every moment we spend together I feel so blessed and so excited. My heart is so full. It brings me back to remembering those feelings. The only other time I've been this way and the only other time there weren't "red flags" everywhere.
Of course this comes after Valentine's Day- the day of love- the Hallmark Holiday...
This Valentines Day he sent me a beautiful rose bush that is blooming on my desk as we speak, we went out to dinner, then to "our" wine bar and then home. We went hiking, took the car offroading, went to the beach, watched the sunset, made brunch together, got coffee together, had dinner with my family, played with the pup, watched the Olympics and spent almost 3 days together nonstop. 3 blissful days of laughter, hugs and kisses. I am so blessed.

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Katie A. said...

Thanks for stopping by! You are so right in that so many people throw love around as just an ordinary word, but it is so much more and I'm glad to see there's at least one other person out there who treats it with the honor it deserves!