Tuesday, February 2, 2010


B and I went to Austin this weekend. While we don't remember exactly how we met in college, we do know we hung out all of the time here:

You see, back in college B and I dated - went on a few dates and then I said we were better as friends. I then dated one of his frat brothers that I had grown up with. We still hung out all of the time and I probably saw B 3-5 times a week at Cain and Abels. We went almost every night except Tuesday because it was so crowded on Tuesday. We always sat outside- rain, snow, heat. It was our booth. It was fun. It was great.

This weekend we went to Austin to visit his good friends from college that I didn't know.
On Friday night we went to House Wine and met up with his friends and a bunch of other people.
It was fun. It is a little wine bar that is inside of a small house.

Saturday morning I had a terrible headache (2 bottles of wine split between the 2 of us will do that!) It was so cute - we woke up and he went to his bag and said "give me a second" and then got a glass of water for me and handed me 2 advil. It was sweet and very much appreciated.

I spent Saturday shopping with my best friend K while B and his friend M went offroading in their new cars. Saturday night we all went out to Trudys. I love Trudys. After Trudys B took the 4 of us (B, me, M and his fiance H) to Cain and Abels. It was fun to be truly at "our" place. I am sure he didn't see it like that, but for me, it was nice.

Then we went home and watched the Grammy's together.

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