Friday, November 6, 2009

Life as I know it...

I haven't really sat down and written about my life in the past 2-3 months. Sure I've posted pictures and truly my life is wonderful but I haven't written anything....

Work has been crazy - but in a great way. Business is booming and I love it more as each day passes.
My family, as usual, makes me so incredibly happy. I am so blessed to have such amazing parents and a brother who makes me so proud to be his sister. Plus my brother makes me laugh and I love that we are so close.

I have been hanging out with my amazing friends who truly make my world go round. It is crazy how quickly one can become friends with another person. Val, a sorority sister from college who I was not really close to and I have become fast friends and I truly don't know what my life was like without her in it. Lonely and not full of laughter I'm sure. She is a true partner in crime and great at it! Karen, as always has been an amazing rock of a friend who I couldn't thank enough for her amazing talent at making me know everything will be ok. I wish we lived closer. I miss her daily!

On to the fun stuff about the man in my life.

While at the beach this past weekend with "B" he said something that resonated with my heart. We were walking hand in hand and I was smiling and I said "being at the beach makes me happy" and his response "What doesn't make you happy?"

That is how I want to be thought of. He and I have known each other since college - we went on a few dates in college and then a few after we graduated but nothing ever came of it - until just recently. I would characterize him as one of my best friends in college, we lost touch here and there but overall - he is amazing. I find myself laughing every time we are together, which to me is a huge key to happiness. He is out of town for work this week and has called every night, texted during the day and overall has shown me that when someone is interested, they will let you know - and he has. I couldn't be happier with us. While having an "us" is fairly new it almost seems as though there was always an "us". I don't know the path of this, but it makes me happy. I no longer want to "chart" out my life. I am living it. I am loving it.

Email of the day that made me smile (hes on a business trip at the moment):
"Had a good day. Good to be able to talk to you throughout the day. I'll be in midland tomorrow night and should have cell coverage most of the day. Hope you had a good day as well. Talk to you soon, miss you."

My heart smiles everyday. Life is amazing and I have nothing to be unhappy about. I am truly blessed.

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