101 in 1001 - part 3 - Ended

I was not as successful at my 2nd attempt of the day zero project as I was on my first attempt. I chalk this up to a lot of things - mostly that I got engaged and got married and my entire life changed during that 101 in 1001. Changed for the very best!

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Now I am starting my 3rd attempt! I did keep a lot of the same goals as they are ones that I enjoy doing and this reminds me how much I enjoy them.

I did all of them but 17. Time to try harder next time!

Start Date: January 1, 2014

End Date: September 28, 2016

  1. Swim in Barton springs
  2. Read 75 books
  3. Donate 50 clothing items
  4. Donate 365 items within the house
  5. Have 100 no spend days
  6. Organize the upstairs 
  7. Work on a capsule wardrobe 
  8. Host a dinner at our home
  9. Spending freeze on all cosmetics for 6 months
10. Paint the downstairs
11. Cook my way through an entire cookbook
12. Put up a chair rail in the dining room
13. Donate any extra furniture in our home
14. Try 10 new cheeses
15. Try 50 new recipes
16. Try 10 new wines
17. Try Durian Fruit
18. Try 5  new vegetables
19. Get a facial
20. Take a makeup class
21. Spending freeze on all clothing for 3 months
22. Do one thing every month as a surprise for B
23. Stay within budget for 4 months straight
24. Pay off B's car
25. Pay off my car
26. Put together a cookbook of all recipes that we have tried and liked
27. Make a gallery wall in our home of photos of places we have been
28. One full week without turning on the television
29. Spruce up our front patio
30. Bake a cake and ice it from scratch
31. Make Pizzelle cookies from scratch
32. Make cake pops
33. Get a shellac manicure
34. Get a pedicure
35. Play dominoes with my grandfather
36. Make Julia Child's bœuf bourguignon
37. Go to the Zoo
38. Go to an exhibit at the Museum of Art
39. Go have tea with my mom
40. Go on a girls weekend trip
41. Go to a spa
42. Go to a play
43. Go to the ballet
44. Go see 3 foreign films
45. Go Skiing
46. Go SCUBA diving 2 times
47. Go camping by the ocean
48. Go on a romantic vacation
49. Go berry picking
50. Go on a pub crawl
51. Go to 10 new restaurants
52. Go out of the country
53. Go ziplining
54. Take a cooking class
55. Go to 5 concerts
56. Go on the Texas Wine Trail
57. Go to the Zoo
58.  Buy a present for B out of my "fun money" 
59. Watch Bea's kids for a weekend
60. Watch over my grandfather while my parents go on vacation
61. Donate pet food to the shelter
62.  Donate blood
63. Spend an entire day outside
64. See a featured exhibit at a museum
65. Eat at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant
66. Make a little herb garden
67. Do project 333 - the real way
68. Buy furniture for our breakfast room
69. Buy from the farmer's market 20 times
70. Buy an antique
71. Buy 2 new sports bras
72. Buy a new pair of yoga pants
73. Buy a case of wine
74. Donate 150 items from my closet
75. Buy good running socks
76. Buy good running shoes
77. Buy a new brush
78. Buy a pair of well fitting jeans
79. Buy a dress
80. Down 15lbs
81.  Down two dress sizes
82. Try a Pilates class
83. Try a define class
84. Run 2 miles
85. Run 5k
86. Run 10k
87. Run 13.1 miles
88. Be Vegan for a week
89. Be Vegetarian for a week
90. Don't eat out for 2 weeks
91. Eat 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day for 1 month, 3 times 
92. Find a workout that I enjoy
93. Drink 60oz of water per day for 3 months
94. Do 100 sit ups every day for 60 days
95. Do a juice cleanse (3 days)
96. Go without alcohol for 30 days
97. Gluten free for 30 days
98. Do a clean eating regimen for 2 months
99. Lose 10% of my body weight
100. Plan a family vacation with both sides of our family

101. Make another list of 101 things to do in 1001 days...


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