101 in 1001 - Ended

I have 1001 days to complete 101 tasks, tasks in blue are the ones that have been completed.

Start date: August 1, 2008

End Date: April 29, 2011

Just Do!

1. Wear false eyelashes
2. Read a book in one sitting
3. Read 75 books
4. Sing at a Karaoke bar
5. Make and send a secret to postsecret
6. See the sunrise
7. Get a Massage
8. See the sunset
9. Take a cooking class
10. Buy the perfect black dress
11. Do project 365
12. Develop the pictures and put in a book
13. spend all day 10-10 outside
14. Just be in the rain
15. VOTE
16. Get a new cell phone
17. Love my job
18. Get my teeth whitened
19. Buy THE purse
20. Find a perfume I like and buy it
21. Get my hair straightened
22. Own a piece of Tiffany jewelry
23. Be debt free
24. Redecorate my room
25. Try ear candling
26. Buy a nice piece of furniture
27. Organize all DVDs into one case
28. Take a makeup lesson
29. Buy a TV
30. Bake an apple pie
31. Go one month without crying
32. Try 30 different recipes
33. Create a small herb garden
34. Buy 2 well fitting bras
35. Carve a pumpkin
36. Find a beer I actually like
37. Make a gingerbread house
38. Play mini- golf
39. Get my own place
40. Own ALL of SATC
41. Have long nails
42. Buy a new car!
43. hot tub with alcohol


44. Plan a girls weekend
45. Go on a romantic vacation
46. Go to a Rockets game
47. Go to a bingo night
48. Go to a new year's party
49. Go ice skating
50. Go to an art exhibit
51. Go boating
52. Go Camping for a weekend
53. Go tubing in San Marcos
54. Go to a winery
55. Go to 6 new restaurants
56. Go on a retreat
57. Go berry Picking
58. Go to New Orleans
59. Go skinny dipping
60. Go to the ballet
61. Go see a play
62. Swim in Barton Springs
63. Go for a hike
64. Take a wine tasting class
65. Participate in a Grape Stomping
66. Go to Vegas
67. Visit a friend that doesn't live in Texas
68. Go to a UT football game
69. Visit a lighthouse
70. Go to a Texas Exes Event
71. Go to Seattle


72. Donate blood 6 times
73. Donate all clothes I dont wear
74. Send flowers for no reason
75. Volunteer for a day
76. Do the giving tree at Christmas
77. Donate 500,000 grains of rice at freerice.com
78. Donate 101 items
79. Bring a homeless person food
80. Compliment someone everyday for 30 days
81. be an organ donor
82. Donate $100 to an organization
83. Use cloth bags for groceries 3 times
84. Donate to a Children's cause


85. 3 Bikram classes in a row
86. Go to the gym 60 times in 90 days
87. enjoy the weather outside
88. Eat gluten free for a month
89. get down to a size 8
90. join a gym
91. Run a 5k
92. Run a 10k
93. Swim once a week for a month
94. Go to a famers market and buy
95. Be a vegan for one week
96. Be a vegetarian for 2 weeks
97. Go one week without sweets
98. eat at home for 1 week
99. Do 2 48 hour fasts (2/2)
100. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month
101. Make a new list of 101 things to do in 1001 day

So the challenge is over...and here is how I did:
9 things were not done and 92 were. While I am sad I didn't get them all done - I am really proud of myself. I tried hard to do those things and now it is time to make the new list...which will have some of the same challenges as they were good challenges. I loved this and I will try to continue this challenge every 2.5 years!