Friday, January 27, 2017

Long time away...

It has been over 2 years. Some things have changed, but mostly things have stayed the same.

Since it is the new year, I think I will start with a look back of 2016.

Where did you begin 2016? In Houston with B surrounded by friends at L and M's house.

What was your status by Valentine's Day?   Married!

Were you in school this year? no

Did you have any encounters with the police? no.

Where did you go on vacation? The Bahamas, Austin, Florida, Jamaica

What did you purchase that was over $500? A new washer!

Did you move anywhere? no.

What sporting events did you attend? Texans, Longhorns

Where do you live?  Htown

What is the one thing you thought you would never do, but did, in 2016?  I never thought I would be the sole breadwinner but I was in 2016 and it was empowering and also made me see that we truly are good at budgeting! 

What has been your favorite moment? Being in Highbourne Cay walking the beach with B. We were in a place few people ever get to see and taking it all in - we were unplugged and life was good.

What was something you learned about yourself? I learned that I am a really good friend, sometimes to the detriment of myself.

Any new additions to your family? My brother had a son this year and he is amazing.

Get a new job? nope

How old did you turn this year?  34

I truly feel so blessed to have such an amazing life!!!

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