Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Wedding

May 11, 2013 was by far the very best day in my life - and I know in B's life as well.

We went to bed that night saying that our wedding day was truly perfect.

It really was.  The funny part is - we are not really PDA kind of people, but apparently we were kissing all night as you can see in our pictures!

Some detail shots:

My Bouquet 
Roses, hydrangea, ranunculus, peonies and freesia.
There is a dragonfly pin that was my late grandmothers pinned to it.

 Centerpieces/Table settings:
We had 2 different centerpieces for our 15 tables. The tall ones and the short ones.
Each place setting had a menu made specifically for that person as well as the place card which was held up by a wine cork that we got from friends and family - my dad made them stand up and cut them so the place card could fit.
My dress
 It had a lace bodice and a silk bottom.  The center "sash area" was blank when the dress came in. Our seamstress was amazing and  she made the embroidered center area with swarovski crystals.
My shoes
They were Gold Glittery shoes and they were comfortable!
My engagement ring
 I wish we had one with my wedding band and his wedding band and my engagement ring, but this picture puts a smile on my face as I took piano lessons for 14 years.
Our Cards
Before the wedding we sent each other cards. I sent him the one you see him reading and he sent me the one with the red convertible. Our getaway car was his parents 1966 Red Mustang Convertible. The sentiments in his card to this day make me want to cry and smile at the same time. I hope to frame both of those cards together.
B's Grooms Cake
We are both Longhorns. It is a "red velvet" cake, but instead of dyeing it red, they dyed it "Burnt Orange".  The beers are real. We go camping a lot and B loves his Yeti cooler. We also gave out burnt orange koozies.
My cake
All of the bouquets are surrounding it. The cake is on my great grandmother's table cloth. My grandmother used this table cloth as the tablecloth for her cake table and my mom did as well. I wanted to keep the tradition alive.
The cake was a traditional wedding white cake. Everyone commented on how delicious it was. It really was to die for! The cake came out even better than I could imagine.
The lace on the top of each layer looked like the lace from my dress.
My dad and I as we entered the room.

Top picture- the look on Bryan's face when I walked down the aisle, the bottom picture, me walking with my dad.
My dad giving me away.
 The Kiss!
 Bridal Party Pictures:
All of our bridesmaids and groomsmen.
 My bridesmaids
S- I've known her since I was 6 years old and her family moved on to our street.
B- I've known her my entire life. Her son was our ring bearer.
B- I babysat her when she was first born. She is 15 NOW!
K- My matron of honor and best friend. Her daughter was our flower girl and she is 6 months pregnant with her son in that picture!
S- We met in college and could not be more different and yet she keeps me sane!   
B's Groomsmen
D- He lives in Brazil and was a foreign exchange student and lived with B's family in high school
E- Married to S (my bridesmaid that I have known since I was 6)
M- good friend from college and fellow geologist
M- B's best friend. They met in college.
Lastly, C- My brother. Our only sibling!
Our Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
Our First Dance.
It was to "It Had to be You" - the Harry Connick Jr version from the movie
 "When Harry Met Sally"
The movie When Harry Met Sally truly is our story, except we met in college not after college.
Our first dance- you can see his wedding ring and you can see the ring I wore on my left hand - "my something blue" - it is a sapphire that was my late grandmother's- she bought it when my grandparents lived in Thailand. My mom gave it to me on our wedding day. I love it.
B's dance with his mom. They danced to Rascal Flatt's "My Wish"
My dance with my dad. We danced to Heartland's "I loved her First"
Cake cutting!
My brother and My mom really getting down!

My grandfather and I.
My little brother and I.

 Our Bubbles Exit

Getaway car
 One last kiss before we headed off into married life

Pictures of just us:


Lastly I leave you with my favorite picture of our wedding day. I love how happy we look and how truly in love we are.



Al said...

Oh my goodness, these are STUNNING!! I'm so incredibly happy for you! Yay to married life with B!!!

Dawn said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS -- every single perfect detail. Here's to many happy years together! xoxo