Friday, April 27, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

OK it is Fill in the Blank Friday again ...go here to link up with Lauren's blog at "the little things we do"

Ok here goes:

1. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is : go to the bathroom. I know...I KNOW...but it is true, that's what I do.

2. I can hardly wait for: this Sunday! We are visiting our first VENUE!

3. The quickest way to my heart is ice cream because  I LOVE IT and it makes me smile - blue bell homemade vanilla please.

4. A little known fact about me is  I wasn't one of those girls dreaming about their wedding growing up so I AM CLUELESS as to what I want or do not want..I just wasn't girly. 

5. The best part of my job is I get to go to awesome events like YESTERDAY I got to see Condoleezza Rice speak...yeah it was awesome. Yes I am from you can probably figure out my political views.

6. Something I just couldn't live without is  mascara - I have like zero eyelashes.

7.  Something useful that I wish I knew how to do is be crafty. I suck at it.


Holly said...

Hahah isn't that the first thing everybody does when they wake up in the morning!? :P

Stephen said...

Half your luck on getting to see (hear?) Condi speak! I have a bio of her on my shelves that I'm putting off reading until I devote a whole Saturday to it.